Apology Manuscript - take two

In the past couple of weeks I have created two more apology manuscripts
for the Federal Government. This time for the
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
One is to be presented to the European Parliament by the Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd
and the other is to hang in the RG Casey Building in Canberra.

It was, yet again, an honour to be asked to prepare these documents.

Some swatches on the two different vellums.

The vellums came from the
Vellum and Parchment Work in Kildare Ireland.
Excellent service by Joe Katz!

Wiping off the excess gold.

I had to work the Coat of Arms upside down.

The soft and delicate colours I used to replicate the 1912 official Coat of Arms were achieve by many trials. I finally decided to use Derwent watercolours to achieve the best effects.

Close-ups! Always fraught with danger. 


ronnie said…
as if once wasn't hard enough- o you glutton for punishment you! (how wonderful do these look though! fantastic!)
letterlady said…
Absolutely wonderful, Gemma. Congratulations! Very fine work!
Gemma Black said…
Thank you for the lovely kind words ladies. And to think I tried to talk them out of it! I said "but there is only one apology, you can't have more than one" I said ... "Just give them one of the high quality prints!" But no they said, and I am glad now. There was some hot shuffling going on there for a while but I did it.

I think it is time to break out though! Now I am ready for anything.
Cari said…
Gemma, this is stunning work, very beautiful. You are an inspiration! And THANK YOU for the closeups - not fraught with danger at all, but a chance to really enjoy your very fine work, fine in every sense.
Fiona Dempster said…
A stunning effort G - what an amazing accomplishment. Time to break free and take some pressure off now! Enjoy F
Elaine said…
They are great, and each as beautiful as the first! I can imagine you getting out your ruling pen and letting go.
Gemma Black said…
Thank you Fiona, Elaine & Cari.
Off to dig out the ruling pen!
Tammie Lee said…
I have been enjoying a visit to your blog. Your posts and arts are beautiful, both calligraphy and books.

I saw these watercolour pencils and have never seen these gray ones before. I am guessing that you love them? Could you tell me where they are sold? I love Derwent Inktense pencils.

lovely day and beyond to you.
Gemma Black said…
Tammie, the reason you haven't seen these grey ones before is because they are a set I purchased back in the 1980's and they asr still going strong. They Derwent aquarelles of that time and they are excellent in pigment quality. Only the pencil casing has changed.

Thank you for your comment.

I teach a workshop called "purely pencils" where we explore all different grades, qualities and typse of pencil. Starting with my favourite graphites we do a series of exercises so we can learn the full potentiial of "the humble pencil". Now there is a though for a workshop name ... the Humble Pencil. After all ... everything starts with a pencil!

I am never without mine! :-)

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