Red Deer, Alberta Canada

An interesting find in Red Deer: the Bradley Stencil Machine Co. Stencil Maker.

I taught a very eager class at Red Deer College in Alberta Canada just a few weeks ago in July. In this workshop we explored the development of the versal form and studied the hand from the Stowe Charter, a Cnut charter hard.  We covered pen and ink lettering as well as pencil drawing. There was a very strong emphasis on good letterforms, study techniques and research methods.  The class was great fun, the student very receptive and interactive.

Detail of the Stencil Maker. I would have loved to use this maching for letter making artworks.

Oh Canada!  A desert on the menu on our last night celebration ... Oh Tummy!

Participants table at the students showcase.

Teaching colleague Massimo Polello from Italy

With Heather Lee who made it the Red Deer workshop happen for me.  I am grateful to Heather for her generocity and friendship.


letterlady said…
What a wonderful pair of artists/women! I'd love to have been there!

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