June 2 - 5 Fairfield, Pennsylvania with Sheila Waters

Julian (Sheila's son) met me at the end of the metros red line out of DC, Shady Grove, to then meet up with Cathy (Julian's wife) for the car trip up to Pennsylvania. As we were all calligraphers, of course, the car trip was full of calligraphic conversation. We arrived at Shelia's as the light was slipping into twilight, a beautiful time of the day. This still gave me plenty of time to see the property in a warm and subtle light.

I didn't take many photos at Sheila's home, wishing to keep her private life private yet she would have allowed me to take many more had I asked. It was just the two of us for the following three days. We busied ourselves about the house & studio with Sheila prepping for her upcoming masterclass and me, helping wherever she want to put me to good use.  We talked a lot, late into the evening as we have a good deal of common calligraphic ground.  We planted a garden of vegetables at the front of the house and enjoyed the studio treasures in the cool of the evening. Sheila cooked for me everyday and once we drove into town and enjoyed the delights of the one dollar shop where we purchased bits and bobs of fun things.

Here we are relaxing behind the poppies. Clearly we had a good time in each others company, picking out books and brains. We could still be there chatting.

Plus, I also planted a hundred tomatoes along the front of the house
so Sheila can feed the local community once they fruit!  

One of the absolute delights of being welcomed into the home of the respected and highly regarded Doyen of Calligraphy was to be able to see so many of the original works I have only ever seen reproduced in books. To go through map drawers, to pull books off shelves and to view some of the most technically amazing and beautiful books that both Sheila and her husband Peter Waters (eminent bookbinder) worked on.

This, the Roundel of the Seasons, one of her most pivotal works hangs proudly in the studio for all her student of calligraphy to study.

And, the inspirational view
which changes light and colour as the day progresses is right outside the window. 

Next stop, Gaithersburg Maryland!


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