Art 'n About with this little calligrapher ...

Well here we are in Sydney and how lovely it is to visit my home town. Art 'n About around the streets there were some special treats.

In the forecourt of Customs House Library at Circular Quay
Near Kin Kin 

an Art 'n About sculpture


Looking up from inside Near Kin Kin - amazing 


I have been welcomed by the Australian Society of Calligraphers (ASC)
yet again to present on behalf of the members. This lecture was entitled Calligraphy and Hand-Lettering in the Twenty-first Century,  great expose of the calligraphic works of friends and colleagues around the world. I would like to thank the following people for their support:

Carl Rohrs
Gaynor Goffe 
Loredana Zega
Denis Brown
Sharon Zeugin
Yves Leterme
Luca Barcelona
Massimo Polello
Rhonda Ailiffe
Brody Neuenschwander
Andrew van der Merwe
Joy Tonkin
John Tonkin
Tony & Matt Woodhams
Julie Gray
Heather Lee

The Klingspor Museum
The Schreibewerkstatt-Klingspor Offenbach Karlgeorg & Maria Hoefer Archive
St Paul's Cathedral Library

And to those gone before:

Edward Johnston
Irene Wellington
David Jones
Lorna Bambury
Georgia Deaver

Very special thanks to Shas Baker for her expertise and organisation of the event and liaison with the State Library of NSW. And a special thanks to Bob Howe for his kind words of introduction.
Thank you Meg Dunworth for this image.

I was honoured to share such wonderful works and I feel secure in the knowledge that our craft will live for many many years to come.

Continuing the weekend has been many wonderful events organised by the
Winston Chruchill Memorial Trust. 

This superb Coburn not seen before was in the Reception room at NSW State Parliament. I have a special place in my heart for the works of John Coburn.


In a word: Magnificent!

Here follows two unlikely Fellows.


Gemma 1991 Fellow & David 1977 Fellow
What a team!

 Dressed up and ready for this evening's NSW Government House Reception.

  Kait & David (former student & tutor)


Two very special gentlemen in my Churchill life.  Ian Richards form CEO of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and under who's watch I received my fellowship (David too). And Paul Tys Current CEO and great supporter of all Fellows new and earlier.

 Goodnight all!


kate adderley said…
Hi Gemma,
once again, your post is full of beautiful images of art works of the sculptured kind, with amazing patterns, then onto your adventure with the fellowship trust, which l didn't realize you and your partner were a part of, well done to both of you on being a part of a trust that enables people to achieve their dreams in life , l didnt know what the Winston Churchill Trust was , so l looked it up after your post and l must say l found it very interesting, it made my mind wander of thoughts that maybe one day l could go and study some letters or illuminated letter history, but there didn't seem to be much info on what you can study or how you go about contacting where or who you study with, then l thought about the fact that l don't really like flying much, so maybe another idea on the back burner for now, l just read your new post and l'm hoping everything is ok with you and your family, take care Gemma xxx
Gemma Black said…
Hello Kate,

When I looked around the room the other night at the Churchill celebrations I saw ordinary people, god knows it, I was there. Ordinary people from school teachers, journalists, nurses, artists, search & rescue personnel, fire-fighters, musicians the list goes on ... each and every one who had done extraordinary things in their community. I felt humbled and proud at the same time to be included. Your passion will guide you, let the idea of fellowship sit with you for a while. If not you Kate, you will know someone who is deserving, then tell them.

I am well Kate, a little hiccough, but I have my health and that is the main thing.

See you soon!

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