Declaration Against Modern Slavery

I feel privileged to have been involved in creating the text for the book, the Declaration Against Modern Slavery for the Minderoo Foundation & Andrew Forest. Working with bookbinders John & Joy Tonkin, of BookArts Canberra, has been a pleasure.  We had a pretty wacky time under a good deal of pressure due to time constraints.  Today I saw the final product of John & Joy's exquisite bindings making the hard work and the related stress worthwhile.

There were two pages already created by a Vatican scribe.  As the calligrapher, I had to closely simulate their Italian Hand for my pages, there were lots of them.  I was pleased as you can hardly tell the difference.  I was also pleased because it was a very fine specimen.

The books will travel the world to raise awareness of modern slavery, for information and signatures of civil, sovereign, religious, corporate leaders and people of influence globally.

This outer book is actually a solander box to house the inner book.

Mont Blanc fountain pen securely housed.


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