Back on board!

After an absence of over six months
I have returned to continue my weblog.
My sparkle was lost for a while.
I am grateful to be back on board.

On Wednesday of this week my friend MJ and I visited Triabunna after an invitation to introduce the District School's grades five and six to calligraphy and to show the DVD the Apology Manuscript.  To think, these kiddies were only one or two years old when the apology to Australia's Indigenous Peoples was made.  Tempus fugit.  With the assistance of MJ the children enjoyed every minute of learning how to write in a simplified uncial while I wrote everyone a bookmark to go home with.

I found this very fine, very black, very big ink stick in an antique shop at Sorell on the way.  I thought I would share it with you. 

This little fellow has given me hope.

In a few weeks I will be taking on the largest teaching tour of my life. 
Watch this space to keep a track of my travels, if you wish.


Welcome. A pleasure to read you and appreciate your work again.
Keith Bolton said…
Good to see you back again. Good luck with your tour.
ronnie said…
looking forward to following posts on your teaching tour xxxx
Gemma Black said…
Many, many thanks Ferdinandus, Keith & Ronnie!
CJ Kennedy said…
Welcome home. Looking forward to hearing about your travels.
kate adderley said…
Welcome back Gemma, l have missed your posts, have fun on your tour, glad you have your sparkle back , YAY

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