Jet lagged

There is something exciting as well as frightening about taking off for over two months to the northern summer on your own.  And what is worse is getting so horribly jet lagged that you find yourself on the bathroom floor, going through the hot and cold sweats and ending up throwing up in the toilet. Yes, that was me last night. Luckily the Hotel Graf has a sweet and clean little bathroom that it made the vomiting so much more pleasant.  How ghastly!

Today however I managed to rest here at the Hotel Graf and venture out to enjoy the twilight evening. There is an almighty festival going on down at the River Main so I wandered the streets, strolled the walkways, bought a beer to blend in, drank it and loved it of course, listened to the bands and basically sucked up the atmosphere. When in Offenbach am Main in the summertime …

The old and the New. My hotel is just through here.

Behind me here is the River Main.

I thought this was going to be one of those Rhine River cruisers but as it got closer I realised it was something else.


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