Small objects of desire ...

The participants in my class at the University of Southern Queensland, McGregor schools January 2013, will be working on Small Objects of Desire.  We will be working backwards by taking tiny frames like these shadow box frames of 20cm, creating small artworks, propping them up with foam core and mounting them as such. It is a different way of approaching ones work but it has it's benefits ... lower costs and all done in class!

The hands we will explore will be tiny Florentine writing, very small penciled capitals and a touch on the style of poet and artist, David Jones.

The school runs for ten days of class time,
enough time to really get to know each other and our work.

These little frames were custom made for in-class demonstration by the very helpful
Wagner Framemakers!


ronnie said…
what a great idea gems! just perfect for a summer school class!
Gemma Black said…
Thank you lovelies! I always try and come up with something different ... and as I sometimes work this way myself, I thought "why not"!
Fiona Dempster said…
They look lovely - and it will be fun to interchange and play during the class!
Unknown said…
I'm just wondering what the surface is you were writing on. Is it gesso?
Gemma Black said…
Hello Annelise, Yes, you are correct, gesso. :-)


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