Alpha & Omega

A very kind gentleman has just written to inform me that my work had been featured in the
House and Garden UK January 2013 issue. The article is in relation to the current calligraphy exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

 This piece was a part of a collection acquired in 2007.
It is worked on Arches velin, with Korean stick ink and gouache, balsa wood,
various metal nibs and tooled gold leaf.


ronnie said…
Its a lovely piece - and most worthy of reproducing in any glossy - but how is it that YOU were not aware that your piece was being reproduced in H&G? didn't they seek permission beforehand? even when work is sold, copyright is owned by the creator (unless also sold).... and therefore there should never be 'surprise' reproductions popping up.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....
Gemma Black said…
Thanks Ronnie. No I didn't know and wasn't asked permission ... hence the surprise. I know the Apology Ms. (x 2) images are not to be reproduced without my permission. It begs the question, are copyright laws different in the UK? Will follow up. x g

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