Today's offerings

The little book is all but finished.  The covers are in the press (heavy books stacked one atop the other) and will be ready thisafternoon for strapping & gluing. Yay!

A little card for Olive for her help with the stitching.
We found the stitch in Kieth Smith's Non-adhesive Bindings.

And the apples have been stewed and are the best I have ever tasted!


ronnie said…
mmm apples mmm BOOK!
Fiona Dempster said…
Looking lovely G - Keith's books are a treasure trove ar they not?
letterlady said…
What a wonderful life! The book looks gorgeous, and I'm hungry for an apple right now.
Gemma Black said…
Thank you Lovely Ladies. Methinks you are all v. talented too. It's a wonderful life!

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