Over the past few days ...

Flowers presentded to David Nuttall upon completion of the concerto March 10, 2012
It has been a wonderful and busy few days with the family visiting. David performed the Strauss Oboe Concerto with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra on Saturday after which there was much fun and frivolity! A marvellous effort which did not go unrewarded. Well done David! 
His flowers above!

A couple of pics to share:

Ellen & Shane in the Tahune Forrest where the rivers Picton & Huon meet.

Amy, not a great fan of the swinging bridges but she braved it for the cause. And there were two of them sprung high above the raging rivers. She knew there was no going back.

Shane ... troublemaker on the bridge!

Two little wood nymphs!

The view from Mount Wellington, spectacular. This is where I live.

David & me up on the pile of rocks holding the trig station.

Amy, Ellen & Shane on the boardwalk lookout over Hobart, Mount Wellington.


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