Tiny Journal

I was given this gorgeous little book by one of my students last week in Canberra. I am trying to find the maker but there are no more details yet.  When I do get the deatils I will acknowledge her here immediately. I know it is a lass.  I love the sewing technique so much I have asked my friend Olive if we can study it and reproduce it together.

As we live quite a distant apart (three hours by car), in a couple of weeks we will be getting together to create the covers and sew the book but this is what I have come up with so far.

The text block is arches text wove and the spine fold decorative papers are roo-poo papers that I have decorated, from the Burnie Paper Mill. So far my measurements are: text block 130mm x 165mm, the spine length is 130mm, the spine width is 11mm. This last measurement can be flaxible depending on the paper weights.

Watch this space!


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