How to make conversations

I am a little ahead of myself here for the ALaW project so I thought I would share a how to with you.  If you haven't been exposed to these as a child then here is how to make a conversation ... a little talking piece.  Read on!

Decorate your paper
On the black side, fold your corners into the middle
Turn over as shown here

Fold in half using a bone folder or an agate burnisher as I am using here

Turn 90 degrees and fold in half again
Al ways making sure your folds are crisp and absolutely accurate to the 1/2 mm

Fold all the corners back in to the middle so that the decorative side now comes to the front as shown

Turn over and you should have the remaining decorative side

Now we are going to get tiny and tricky!
Fold all the corners into the middle as shown
Burnish well trying not to take any of the decorative media off the surface

This is what it should look like folded in

Now ... getting trickier
Fold the work in half
Open this then fold the other side in half

Ah ... here is a little tricky bit
try to slip your fingers into the little square sections on the corners
Open and close in each direction as required

These little conversations can hold wishes, secrets or dreams ... enjoy!

Any questions please ask.


ronnie said…
ahhhh a fortune teller (as I've been taught to call them) and it's a really teeny-tiny one you've got there! and the most beautiful agate burnisher/folder I've ever seen (I'm suffering from serious agate envy right now!)
I'm with Rhonda... think you should probably put a locator chip on that agate burnisher! [smile] I remember making larger versions of these at school (it predicted the first letter of our future Mr Right! LOL). The tiny ones are exquisitely beautiful, though. :-)

I've been listening to Lucy Schwartz's "Life in Letters" this afternoon, while I catch up on blogs. The perfect accompaniment to your post:

"Words can be strong, like the beating drum
Like ten thousand voices that call together
A is the ailment, and B makes it better
C is creating your life in letters"
CJ Kennedy said…
I knew them as fortune tellers, but my girlies call them cootie catchers. Either way, they are fun
Pat said…
Great reminder of my childhood as we made them back then too. Love the idea of using some of my scraps of pastepapers and practice papers to make some now. Thanks for sharing!
Gemma Black said…
Thank you Gals! I am sure I knew them as something other than "conversations" when I was younger. Some of the ones we used to make could be quite rude (for children) like "you smell". But most of them were as you say Kit giving us the name of a supposedly future prospect! lol

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