Attempt on the mountain ...


This morning we took advantage of the beautiful day here in Canberra to visit the Botanic Gardens nestled at the base of Black Mountain, walk through the rainforest, the eucalypts, Wollemia pines and play with the water dragons. We started with breakfast at Pollen and as the morning got warmer and warmer the place to be was the cool of the rainforest.

I saw a very interesting sign. My mind did a flip and my hear a flutter "could I possibly walk to the tower on the top of Black Mountain?"

A truly beautiful red eucalypt

Natural rock texture along the way.

We made the decision to walk to the top though I had reservations as to whether I would make it. I knew David would as his fitness level is much higher than mine.
I could hear my heart beat in my head and my pulse was racing as sweat dripped from my whole body.
I made the decision to turn back after some really difficult (for me) steep slopes.

David continued to climb as I headed back down to get the car from the gardens and drive to the Mountain to pick him up. He got there before I did!

Gat leaving the gardens

Orana Ngunnawal Country

The tower ahead

It was closed

Looking toward the arboretum


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