Letters with rhythm in Melbourne

It was a pleasure to teach for the Calligraphy Society of Victoria this past weekend. The group were nicely skilled and very friendly. Periods of immense quietness were enjoyed as participants enveloped themselves in colour, movement and fine letter-drawing skills. The areas we covered in this workshop were sgrafito, with 23.75ct gold, skeleton roman capitals, freer skeleton forms, variations in height for weight ratio, watercolour grounds and pen & watercolour rhythmic letterforms.

When in Melbourne do as the Melbourneans do and visit ...

And for all of us readers ...

Every time I visit, the skyline has changes dramatically.

Every time I visit, the skyline has changes dramatically.

Here is Tish. This is a fine example of the progression from the formal skeleton letter to something with a lite more movement and rhythm.



Patte Leathe said…
Really inspiring examples, I especially like Ms. Tan's page, I always have trouble with this and hers is so smooth!
Annick said…
was a lovely workshop, so it seems ! Nice pics

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