Austin Texas

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Austin, Texas.
Thanks to my generous hosts Sharon, Clark & Bonnie, Sharon's mum.

I have come home reinvigorated and itching to get on to some really good work.

Eat Austin

We ate out a lot!

Loved "rejarvanating" here at Austin Java ...

…and at Gueros, my favourite.

"Don't be a Richard" seen on a wall in a little Chinese cafe.

There are lots of funky little eating and meeting places … keeping Austin weird.

There were of course margaritas ...

… and more margaritas.

 Capitol Austin

One of the finest architectural buildings of its time ...

… where I was introduced to Ann Richards, Clark's mother and Governor 1991 - 1995.

The dome is magnificent.

Motifs are everywhere. This is a tiny floor design repeated over and over throughout the building.

A statue of Stephen F Austin in the Capitol building. So I guess it is all his doing.
Davey Crockett was the next statue around.

Shop Austin

There were just too many boots to choose from. This was one row of four or five.

Loved the billboards, doors & signs. Here is Bitten Birds.

Drum Austin

A pretty powerful rehearsal, loved it!

Brody came to Austin

I was treated to wonderful delights and extraordinary experiences in Sharon's company throughout my stay in Austin.  We were both pretty excited when calligrapher extraordinaire Brody Neuenschwander rang and asked if he could hang out with us for the day.  It was another super experience as Brody lives in Bruges, Belgium and was visiting for a short time with his daughter Clara.

So … we calligraphers took to the streets. 

We came across a busking typist poet.  The poet asked Brody a few semi-personal questions then we went away only to return in about 1/2 an hour and the poet read her poem to her muse, Brody. 
That was pretty funky!

We had a wonderful day just talking and experiencing all sorts creative and unexpected things including Uncommon Objects.


In the olden days ...

This photo is for my Walsh brothers & sisters.
We saw a lot of these as we were growing up and other uncommon objects!

Austin Cousin

Not long before I left for Texas it became known to me that I had a cousin there.

I met Adita, my curious cousin and we became instant friends.
We met at The Steeping Room and how serendipitous it was that Sharon & Adita knew each other. Small world Austin!

Workshop Austin

Sharon ran her regular classes which I was so happy to be given permission to sit in on and enjoy the working but I also ran a two-day versals workshop for Austin calligraphers. 

Sharon demonstrating a particular book technique in her studio.

One of my demonstrations in Sharon's studio where I taught a lovely class.

Sharon getting totally immersed in lettering.

A class exercise in compound vivacious minuscules.

Lots of cactus in suburban streets … lots! But you would expect cactus in Texas.

Out of Austin

Bastrop, a little township near the Capital.

Bonnie & Sharon at Art Connections Gallery in Bastrop where Sharon exhibits some of her work.

The two of us in Bastrop.  Some of the places in the movie Bernie was filmed here in Bastrop.
I highly recommend this movie it's … so … so … well ... Texan!

Sketch Austin

Sharon organises a sketch group to meet on regular occasions at cafe's and
visually interesting places around Austin.
A group who were happy to include me in on their sketching experiences … twice!

Some artist friends and I, here in Tas who are now doing the same. It's brilliant!

Only one of my pages from a Sketch Austin Day.

Music Austin

The sting quartet played until it was dark as the audience enjoyed the music, company and dining.

Leave Austin

When it came time to leave Sharon, Clark and Bonnie's company and the wonderful time I had experienced over ten days … they were so very good to me … I felt a sadness as all of a sudden I was leaving behind creative and interesting friends whom I had become very fond of.  I was ready though to get back to the oboe player and my beautiful Tasmania again.

Thrilled to bits to find at Austin airport I could tag my luggage all the way to Brisbane.
Ahhh, what a relief that was.

When I saw this sight in Dallas I was well and truly ready to fly!

I do reflect, often, on how fortunate I am. I am grateful to have so many kind people in my life.

F I N I S   A U S T I N 

just for the time being …


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