SY Preana 1896

For Christmas we received a gift for a lunch & cruise aboard the SY Preana 1896.

A fully restored wooden hulled boat that now cruises the
river Derwent and it's estuaries as it did back in the 1890's and early 1900's.

The Preana runs on a wood-fueled hand-fed steam engine and is the last remaining boat afloat to have escorted Sir Douglas Mawson's boat, SY Aurora, as it departed Hobart for Antarctica in December 1911.

I am happy to be corrected but I think the SY stands for Steam Yacht.

It was a stunning little boat and the meal was excellent!


What an engine!

The brass work was incredible.

 The Skipper, Jim

Trademarked glasses,

and unbelievable food.

Great company,

with Brett ...

Marilyn, me, Janet, David, John

enjoying our mountain and the cityscape.

Beautiful instruments,

and finally a place to lounge around in!

Thank you to the gift givers, Graham & Tracey.


kate adderley said…
Hi Gemma, lovely shots of your boat trip, looks great and the food looks yummy too, sadly l'm not a good sailor and get sea sick just looking at boats,lol, anyway happy sailing........kate
Gemma Black said…
Thanks Kate. It has been back to calligraphy since then ... oh well someone has to do it!

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