From the drawing board ...

... a commission!

I took some time to read up on this poem and enjoyed the research. It helped me tremendously with the presentation. 
The work is for a very special client and he will have the choice.


Not ground-breaking stuff but safe, strong layouts nevertheless!

... with desert sands ...

I wonder which one he will choose.


Unknown said…
Gemma...your lettering (on both) is absolutely beautiful...but I must say that the second work of art wins my vote! Job well done!
Gemma Black said…
Thank you Linda, how kind of you to say. I have now shown then client the works and they have chosen the white on tan piece ... good! I am with you, I like the coloured sands piece. x g
kate adderley said…
Well Gemma another two absolutely beautiful pieces, you are so inspiring, l love looking at your work, l love the coloured sands piece, l wish we got to learn how to do this sort of stuff in class, thanks for sharing..........kate
Fiona Dempster said…
They're both gorgeous and I'm with you and the others re preferring the last piece; but so good they are happy with the one they chose!
My deepest admiration. Lovely work, as usual for you.
Gemma Black said…
Hello Kate, Fiona and Ferdinand,

Thanks for your comments. Ferdinand, you are too kind.

Kate, I am thinking if you see a technique you would like to do ... just have a go. Class studies are important and there are teaching methods leading to certain outcomes. In class you can't do everything but ... I feel if you are keen on a certain presentation you see, research it, explore and experiment, that is the real way you will learn. After all, no harm can be done - only progress. :-)

Thanks Fi for the kind words. Sometimes I think we lose sight of the "out there" and more experimental kind of calligraphic work we do without thinking the client may actually like something just a little more traditional.

x g
Unknown said…
It's a wonderful work!
Gemma Black said…
Thank you Angela. Sorry I haven't seen this until now. x g

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