Inspiration, Motivation and Dedication

Analysis of the Arundel Psalter.

In the first workshop of two days duration,
we explored how to analyse an historical prime specimen.
Script analysis can be a fascinating study which not only opens the mind to letter forms
but to language and history as well.

A simple single-section binding on the fly!

The class gathered their papers and created a simple bindings as a way of keeping a collection of their works.
Emphasis was placed on record keeping and note taking.

After a four day workshop exploring the classical Italic as our starting point, working with reducing and increasing the weight and in spirals,
there was a delightful display of works and journals with the aim of bringing some spark back into our calligraphy.

Emphasis for the week was placed on
Inspiration, Motivation and Dedication
in and to our work.


dinburg said…
Ahhh...Thank You for such wonderful inspiration! XO
Diana Brown
Roseburg, OR USA
Gemma Black said…
Thank you Diana for your lovely message.

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