National Apology for Forced Adoption

Some images of the recently created National Apology for Forced Adoption
delivered at Parliament House today March 21, 2013

A moving, emotional and yet satisfying event to be a part of.

These are my snaps only, hopefully there will be some professional images soon.

It was a great pleasure and an honour to meet privately with the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard this morning to speak with her in regards to this apology. I must say it has been a rather surreal day, one which will stay with me for many many years to come.



Fiona Dempster said…
Well done G - on so many levels...F
Aukje said…
I saw the Apology this morning on tv in the Netherlands! You have wroten this so beautiful!!!
Gr. Aukje
Gemma Black said…
Hello Aukje, Thank you for your kind comment. How wonderful to know that this important apology here in Australia was viewed around the world. Thank you for letting me know this. x g
dinahmow said…
I hope that the rest of the day does not overshadow the apology and your work.
Gemma Black said…
Hello Dinah,

Can you believe that day. The very day the most powerful apology to mums, babes, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and others affected by adoption in all it's forms "was" overshadowed by the pathetic political infighting. I felt the Prime Minister did a marvelous job ... there was a time there, in the Great Hall, you could hear a pin drop. The Prime Minister delivered her speech with real warmth, feeling and care.

At the end of that long and drawn out day the PM did apologise to those of us still there ... it should have been "your" day she said.

x g
Kathleen Loomis said…
this has not been reported in the US. can you tell us what the apology is all about?

the calligraphy looks gorgeous beyond belief! congratulations
Gemma Black said…
Hello Kathleen,

Here is a link to the speech given by Prime Minister Gillard:

It will possibly be the best explanation of all. x g
Von said…
An historic event when adoptees were acknowledged for the first time as the victims of forced adoption.Beautiful work on the parchment!
Gemma Black said…
Hello Von,

Thanks for your message and kind words. I received your email as well, thank you. When I responded it bounced. Would you contact me again via email please. Then I'll try again.

with hope,
calliglyphe said…
It's so beautiful. The words miss me to say to what extent it is wonderful !

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