a little gold tooling

A little gold tooling today on this and one other Life Member certificate. 
There is something really attracting about real gold leaf tooled.


ronnie said…
ahhhh lovely lovely!
Anonymous said…
Having never done gold tooling. Could you briefly describe the process? Lovely!
Gemma Black said…
Thanks for your kind words Ronnie & Sally.

Sally, basically you lay the gold - in this case I have used Ormoline as a size and real 23ct gold leaf. The Ormoline is excellent because it is not as tacky as some sizes are and it takes the tooling really well.

I have used a pointed stylus to indent the pattern ... about the point of a tapestry needle which has a blunt point. I use a variety of designs to tool. It is very relaxing to spend the time creating the patterns.

Try it!

There you have it!
Really nice. And very interesting texture of garnet text

Noela Mills said…
exquisite, Gemma, and congrats on the meeting with the Lady herself.
Sue Williams said…
If only there was a "LIKE" button here I would use it for everything you have so kindly shared with us. Thank you and warm greetings from me in South Africa. Sue
Sue Williams said…
Just love all you have shared with us!

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