Australian Woollen Mill

With a free day up our sleeve on the great road-trip north to teach in Toowoomba, David and I found ourselves in this lovely little village of Nundle.

Nundle is an historic gold mining town in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range.

After the typical Australian drive through the cattle of the long paddock, a cup of coffee was refreshing at the local gold mine with Hanging Rock just up the road a bit we then visited Nundle Woollen Mill.

After all my years of knitting … and who hasn’t knitted … I have never been into a woollen mill and watched as a ball or cone of wool is being created.  All the machinery you see here in my pics are vintage and in perfect working order.  In support of our Australian textile industry there was a little shopping to be done in the wool store … of course.

Next, lunch in the pub did the trick before we finally sauntered our way back to Tamworth on this steamy and very hot (37 degrees C) day.

Nundle, a fascinating find. If interested you can visit their website for more information.

The Dandy Rover - where 8ply wool is reeled on.

Promotional poster

Shot of the main workshop area.

The Dye House


ronnie said…
ooo my idea of a great day out!
CJ Kennedy said…
Mmmm 37C sounds lovely compared to 1F here this morning.
Gemma Black said…
I just loved watching the machines (operated by a human) at work and how they whip off 20 odd balls at a time ... in seconds! Each ball was weighed to check that there was no anomalies between them.
Fiona Dempster said…
I think the name Nundle is enough of a reason to stop! But the added benefits are clearly fascinating...

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