Inspirational Tables

I was proud of my class! 
Their efforts, graciousness and generosity in sharing has given me
courage and strength in my own work.


And again!

Sharon Zeugin

Annie Cicale

Ewan Clayton

Brody Neuenschwander

Denis Brown

These are a mere glimpse.  By this stage of the gathering my memory card was full so I enjoyed but can't show you, the rest of the inspirational tables.

Sheila Waters
Joke Boudens

Check out this amazing young woman. Her school for calligraphy & more
is an energising and refreshing move forward in our global love for letters.

Julian Waters
Carl Rohrs
Tim Botts
Susanne Moore
Randy Hasson ...

... and more.


Elaine said…
I agree, your students have produced some very exciting work. Great teaching Gemma!
Fiona Dempster said…
Thanks for sharing G - it looks like it was wonderful!
Gemma Black said…
Thanks Fiona & Elaine. It was a very enjoyable and memorable conference. I am full of inspiration, ready to move forward in my own work.

Fi, I bought you just a tiny something because you missed out big time this year ... will get it in the post asap ... like as soon as I get my aussie legs and drive to the post office!
susan bowers said…
You may have been proud of your class but I bet they were delighted with your help! Think I am a fan of Brody's work ........ not that you can see it really well but I responded to it most.
Gemma Black said…

Thank you! If you like Brody's work then look at his site:

Not only is his work brilliant, Brody is absolutely delightful, generous and knowledgeable.

We may have a real treat in store in coming year with Brody, something the two of us have been chatting about ... I need to talk with Fiona about ... F has the brains to help me on this project ... watch this space.
ronnie said…
ahhhhhh brody is the one calligrapher I would most like to meet in all the universe..... I don't like the chances...but never say never eh?!

ps - love all the pics!

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