At the Textile and Fibre Forum ContextArt workshop in the Blue Mountains NSW, April 2013 I will be running two workshops. The first for two days on Understanding Formal Scripts and the second workshop for four days on Your Personal Calligraphic Journal.

When we start our calligraphic journey our intention is to make beautiful letters. We engage in the discipline of mastering formal hands though we may lose the vitality and enthusiasm in our work. This class will help develop a sound understanding of calligraphy & calligraphic practice.  Explore the tricks of the trade, develop your own personal script then bind your findings into your personal calligraphic reference journal or artists diary.

As a point of departure we will start with a cursive Italic and move towards creating dynamic lines of writing.  In this workshop we will dare to move into unchartered waters and explore ways to invigorate our love for letters both well-structured and newly developed. Specifically our aim will be to gain mastery of our calligraphy & texts and move forward and make our mark!


ronnie said…
welll if those piccie are any indication of what's in store for attendees I think they'll be lining up in droves!
Gemma Black said…
I hope so Ronnie! That is kind of you to say, thank you!

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