Weather-grams for Fiona & Barry

For my friends Fiona & Barry here are some weather grams, of the Lloyd Reynolds variety, for you.  Taken tonight on the campus of the Calligraphy Northwest conference you were to attend.  At least ten trees around this quadrangle are adorned with craft paper & ink, yet to weather ...

I wish you were here, I miss you and hope that all is well with you both.


Fiona Dempster said…
Oh Gem, we wish we were there too! We have been trying not to feel sad about missing out, but... Barry is well and getting stronger each day - not well enough to have travelled tho.

Thank you so much for thinking of us and sharing htese with us

ronnie said…
yum! (do they mean you'll have fair weather for your stint there in portland? hope so!)
What a wonderful idea to hang weathergrams for people. I make them every Spring but will consider making them as little prayer leaves too. My good friend and calligraphy instructor, Carol Pallesen, taught these to us several years ago and just love them.

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