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Learn the art of successful gilding through Private Lessons. Any thechniques you are having difficulty contact me if you would like to study further to becoming a successful gilder.


Elaine said…
You mentioned that you used Ormoline size in one of your pieces. Do you find this better than other media? Love seeing your work!
Gemma Black said…
Thanks E.
Oh yes, I love Ormaline for flat gilding. It can be a little raised if pooled properly. It will take a very light burnishing but care needs to be taken and it is best to use double gold. I have been using Ormaline since I found it in a little tiny W&N emporium in Gilford in the UK in 2001. I now purchase it online. Similar to WQGM but not nearly as sticky.

I also like the Instacol ... straight out of the bottle!

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