Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Calligraphy - small objects of desire - a winter school

STURT WINTER SCHOOL  Calligraphy - small objects of desire

Mittagong and the Frensham campus are absolutely gorgeous in the winter.
The weather is always cold outside but very warm and cosy inside.
Open fires in the dining rooms, scones and cream for morning teas, great in-class camaraderie,
lectures by Sturt Craft Workshop tutors and nights full of like-minded conversation.

1st-5th July 2013 Mittagong, NSW Australia

Create works that are elegant and small with an emphasis on very fine flourished Italian Florentine writing with pen and ink along with very tiny penciled Romans.

The calligraphic journey starts with our intention to make beautiful letters. We engage in the discipline of mastering formal hands though we may lose the vitality and enthusiasm in our work. As a point of departure we will start with a flourished Italic and move towards creating dynamic lines of writing with teensy Roman capitals.

We will dare to move into uncharted waters and explore ways to invigorate our love for letters. Specifically our aim will be to gain mastery of our calligraphy and texts through small objects of desire. Our small objects will be tiny broadsheets and miniature books with simple bindings. 

There is a materials list available. Please visit the Sturt Contemporary Craft website for more information or please email me for the pdf flier.
This course is suitable for all levels of experience and I would love to see you!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Inspiration, Motivation and Dedication

Analysis of the Arundel Psalter.

In the first workshop of two days duration,
we explored how to analyse an historical prime specimen.
Script analysis can be a fascinating study which not only opens the mind to letter forms
but to language and history as well.

A simple single-section binding on the fly!

The class gathered their papers and created a simple bindings as a way of keeping a collection of their works.
Emphasis was placed on record keeping and note taking.

After a four day workshop exploring the classical Italic as our starting point, working with reducing and increasing the weight and in spirals,
there was a delightful display of works and journals with the aim of bringing some spark back into our calligraphy.

Emphasis for the week was placed on
Inspiration, Motivation and Dedication
in and to our work.

Three TAFTA Tutors

I am with Kirsten Ingemar (amazing natural plant dying & textiles artist)
& Judy Wilford (extraordinary embroidery & textile artist) taking some well deserved time out from teaching
at The Carrington in the Blue Mountains last week.

Banksia men

As found in the wild in the Blue Mountains this week just past.
Aren't they gorgeous.  They don't look like villains to me but
snugglepot & cuddlepie thought they were!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

... from the studio ...


... to break the ice and write in ...

Blue Mountains 13th - 20th April

This is an in-class exercise where the participants receive an uncomplicated hand sewn booklet in which to create a journal specifically for the period of the workshop. They are encouraged to work in their own artist diaries and this is an ice breaker for those who can't bring themselves to start working in a beautifully bound journal.

They will also have the other option ... to bind all their trials and tribulation afterwards.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just off the drawing board ...

Certificates written in charcoal, with gold leaf on an ormoline size.


Strips of shimmery paper with names in cadmium red gouache
to wrap around scrolled certificates above. To be finished off with ribbon. 

A lovely presentation for the recipients methinks.

Visit my website too!

Visit my website too!
In-class illumination demonstration

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