Calligrapher's reflection 2020 - 2021

    Following is an article just written for the Canberra Calligraphy Society. ____________________________________________ Twenty-twenty started as quite a frightening year for many in South East Australia. Traumatising communities from the Queensland border to our beautiful Tasmania. Bushfires that had been raging throughout various parts of the country since September 2019 were now out of control. By late December Canberra residents and other visitors were trying to flee the south coast. We here in Tasmania also had our own bushfires to deal with. Twenty-twenty started badly and then turned worse. An illness, an emergency, a pandemic.   On the twenty-fifth of January the Australian news headline read: The first case of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has been confirmed by Victoria Health Authorities this morning. The patient, a man from Wuhan, flew to Melbourne from Guandong on 19 January. On the twenty-sixth of January I flew to Canberra to spend some much

Reflection Day 26th January - it's time

  Reflection Day 26 th January a day for all Australians   I have been a little introspective of late, which usually happens to me when a subject of real importance is being discussed socially. Is this happening a lot more lately or is that just that I am getting older?! Actually just what do I think about Australia Day? I have been fortunate to have listened to many wide-ranging opinions from members of the community. Every person's opinion should be regarded as valid. Not every Nation however has a national day. Here is a proposal that I would like to put forward to the Australian public regarding the debate that arises every year in the lead up to Australia Day.   The argument for and against changing the date I feel, will continue to go around and around on an annual basis unless a well thought out and brainstormed idea is acted upon at all levels of the community and government. How on earth will twenty-plus million people agree on which day?  

Flowers and the Dickerson

       Two of my absolute favourite things ...  
          Hamish & Madison Canberra 25th December 2020     Such beautiful moments, happy children. Mind you, they are happy most of the time. I miss them.  

Christmas 2020

              Wishing you many happy moments over the festive weeks.   The kindest gift you can give someone is time.

Not quite there yet.

      the spirit of twenty twenty   I have just finished prepping for tonight's class that starts at 9pm my time. As the workshop series is run out of Ardington in the UK it is their 10am Monday morning. Ardington is a sweet little English village with a pub, an old schoolhouse and a few scattered homes with gorgeous country gardens, hanging baskets and idle lanes. Truly beautiful, I know I have been there. Staying in a village nearby Lipscombe Regis, we, Pam and I traveled to Ardington to this wonderful old schoolhouse to teach. Was that 2017? Welcomed by scones & chocolate biscuits and some wonderful English characters we settled into exploring the art deco movement in lettering. It's not what I am doing now though. I am on and adventure with the German script artist Hermann Kilian. Presently I am finishing off my final class for the Ardington Academy with whom I have been teaching since May pretty well non-stop. Perfect from this distance in the middle of a pandemic. Int

Winding down ...

    With one more class to go for 2020 I am starting to wind down a little from an amazing seven month teaching schedule that started up due to pandemic living. I could never have imagined my creative life would change so much and for the better. Life has changed on several fronts but mostly in my teaching, creating art, creative writing and writing articles etc. Most of all I am very happy and very fortunate. I know not everyone is feeling these emotions right now. I hope to address these issues soon here in my blog because I feel if I write it all here it will give me some perspective I think, even if no-one ever reads it, I'd still like to write.  For now though I am exhausted and tired after spending a few days answering emails as the classes start to finish one by one.  I am looking forward to a quieter December writing a new program for Acorn Arts and brushing up the existing one Foundational Hand. I will also be working on technique classes for Calligraphy Italia. This will