Hamish & Madison Canberra 25th December 2020     Such beautiful moments, happy children. Mind you, they are happy most of the time. I miss them.  

Christmas 2020

              Wishing you many happy moments over the festive weeks.   The kindest gift you can give someone is time.

Not quite there yet.

      the spirit of twenty twenty   I have just finished prepping for tonight's class that starts at 9pm my time. As the workshop series is run out of Ardington in the UK it is their 10am Monday morning. Ardington is a sweet little English village with a pub, an old schoolhouse and a few scattered homes with gorgeous country gardens, hanging baskets and idle lanes. Truly beautiful, I know I have been there. Staying in a village nearby Lipscombe Regis, we, Pam and I traveled to Ardington to this wonderful old schoolhouse to teach. Was that 2017? Welcomed by scones & chocolate biscuits and some wonderful English characters we settled into exploring the art deco movement in lettering. It's not what I am doing now though. I am on and adventure with the German script artist Hermann Kilian. Presently I am finishing off my final class for the Ardington Academy with whom I have been teaching since May pretty well non-stop. Perfect from this distance in the middle of a pandemic. Int

Winding down ...

    With one more class to go for 2020 I am starting to wind down a little from an amazing seven month teaching schedule that started up due to pandemic living. I could never have imagined my creative life would change so much and for the better. Life has changed on several fronts but mostly in my teaching, creating art, creative writing and writing articles etc. Most of all I am very happy and very fortunate. I know not everyone is feeling these emotions right now. I hope to address these issues soon here in my blog because I feel if I write it all here it will give me some perspective I think, even if no-one ever reads it, I'd still like to write.  For now though I am exhausted and tired after spending a few days answering emails as the classes start to finish one by one.  I am looking forward to a quieter December writing a new program for Acorn Arts and brushing up the existing one Foundational Hand. I will also be working on technique classes for Calligraphy Italia. This will

Classes & workshops

  T U I T I O N Due to the ongoing world pandemic I will continue to teach my classes online for the forseable future. Please make expressions of interest with Harvest and/or Riccardo respectively. Acorn Arts and Calligraphy Italia This allows me a little more freedom to continue to explore my work, start some new artistic endeavours and some research projects. As always, thank you for your ongoing support.  

Workshop & Classes updates

  All international workshops and now Australian workshops have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic but ... zoom zoom zoom is a happening thing! P R I V A T E     L E S S O N S   Enquiries welcome! Gemma offers one-on-one, personal lessons to discerning students of calligraphy anywhere in the world. This guidance is specifically designed to help students further their existing lettering skills or for them to learn a completely new hand.   Gemma is not only a skilled calligrapher and artist, but also a highly respected tutor nationally and internationally. Gemma is now pleased to offer personal instruction designed specifically to the interest and level of the individual student. Full handouts are provided for each lesson.   This offer takes the form of four by one-hour lessons at one lesson per week. Once payment has been confirmed through PayPal Gemma will set up the best time for lessons according to various time zones around the world. Consultation regarding the