A short excerpt ...


... from today's journal entry I would like to share this paragraph:

"And on that point of feeling blessed, I do feel blessed not in a religious sense but in a secular way of being fortunate. Faith, I believe comes in secular forms as well as religious. Belonging to community. Community that is already with us … all around us. And it is free, you don’t have to “join up” you just have to be brave and reach out. It all starts with two people having conversations and moving on proactively from there … three people, four people … more."

And though presently my health is still under par the rheumatologist and I have a plan which is a huge step in the right direction. So, how about I share this very green photo of one of my regular smoothies. The ingredients here are: kale, apple, orange, hemp gold protein powder & mint. Mint is so underrated and gives the most heavenly taste to many recipes.


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