Making time my friend ... and poly myalgia rheumatica


The past fifteen months has taken its toll on me as there has been a lot of pressure and stress. Self-inflicted of course, as that is the way of things with me. Subsequently I have been diagnosed with (nothing sinister) poly myalgia rheumatica which has seen me at a low painful ebb. Coupled with very high blood pressure which is not a good mix, we are now just getting that under control. As my lovely doctor says "Gemma, you do not want to have a stroke"

To address the PMR issue I have just started a steroidal pain management treatment and the prognosis is very good. I have known for some six months or so that something was not sitting quite right with my health so it was only about a month ago that the body responded with a "stop now". It’s just a bit of a pain really but I do wish to live a long a fruitful life. Who doesn't, right!?

Some of you know I have taken steps to slow the rhythm of my everyday life to manageable and more enjoyable levels. While this has seen me leave behind my classroom and online teaching presence, the joy of being more focussed on studio-based work allows me to make time my friend again and hopefully refocus on the preciousness of friends. I am very grateful for that. 

The four minute film "The Boats of Humanity" an expose of my exhibition work, can be seen here. Created by chief story catcher Lara van Raay Small World Documentaries.


Jan Hurst said…
Gemma, I think this is the same issue that has
caused another good friend a lot of pain,
and has changed her life immensely.
Wishing you good healing and many better
years ahead
Wendy Cowley said…
I had poly myalgia rheumatica too. It was also treated with steroids. I have now been off medication for that for over a year. Hope yours is quickly under control.
Gemma Black said…
Thank you Wendy, you are an inspiration ... that will be me ... I dare to dream!
Gemma Black said…
Thank you Jan. As I just mentioned to Wendy, I will recover as I dare to dream! x g
Jean McCarron said…
My husband was diagnosed with PMR about 10 years ago. The steroids did a great job and after weaning off them he was in remission for a long time. Back again now with more as stiffness and some muscle weakness. The steroids helping again. Of course he is going to be 89 this year so he had lots of good golfing years after diagnoses in between.
Wishing you the same good luck with treatment. It is certainly effective.

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