A new start ...


And so it transpires we have found a beautiful yet quirky little home to start our new Canberra chapter. The home once owned and built by a very climate conscientious pharmacist is now ours to enjoy and care for. Tanks for water, tanks for grey-water, solar panels, double-glazed windows, trombe walls and clerestory windows all thrown into the mix to help our new solar passive home along. There are two good sized bedrooms and a remarkable room perfect for a calligrapher with an artistic bent. Just ready to walk in and get started.

Built c. 2005 the house is almost hidden from external view. I like that. Nestled at the end of a very quiet cul-de-sac it is a little off the road in Lyons, a central suburb in the ACT giving us the opportunity to travel in all directions to be anywhere we wish to be within minutes. The greatest joy of all and one of my essentials on the "must be" list is that it is very short walk to the Woden shopping & health precinct.  For me the hardest decision was, not was this home suitable for us, but the fact that we found it so early on in our search. The property had been passed in at auction as a high number in the ACT have been lately. All the street names in the suburb, named after former Prime Minister Joseph Lyons aTasmanian, are name after locales in the State of Tasmania and ours is named Maria Place after the famous Tasmanian Maria Island, pronounced Mar-i-ah. How serendipitous.

Canberra is very cold in winter and very hot in summer so being prepared for both is essential. Having lived in Canberra for thirty-three years I know what to expect regarding the weather. Being closer to the family makes for much much happier times for me and I hope for David too.


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