An unexpected visit to Canberra.


Mads & Ellen

In late October (2021) Ellen was diagnosed with a meningioma, a benign brain tumour. I chose to come here to Canberra when she told me this news. For Ellen it is another detrimental health event in a long line of such events in her short life. I postponed my November work schedule to be here and subsequently I have postponed my December commissions or passed them on to others.

Ellen will undergo surgery to remove the tumour on December 6th at the Royal Canberra Hospital. Her attitude is positive, though I know a little frightened, she just wants to "get in to surgery, get it out and get back to her life, their kiddies and her work. And that's what we are all banking on. My time here is unknown as her recovery will be at least six week but here I am for now and very happy to be here with the young ones to keep us all happy and focused on her wellbeing. 



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