Time moves on ...



Time is moving on at a rapid pace. I don't know if that's because I am busy or that time has actually sped up. Of course I have been busy. I have been preparing for an upcoming one-day virtual workshop with the Texas Conference Legacies III and as usual I am privileged to be on the faculty. Over the week-long conference I will attend lectures, view the exhibitions and partake in some breakout conversations and lettering discussions. I will be wonderful to se many of my friends again and to make new ones.


Recently I ran a three hour workshop for the Art Society of Tasmania on how to use gold leaf on a number of different substrates. Time was tight so I had to be quite regimented in the flow process so I could get all the different techniques in that I wanted to share with the group. It was a successful little gathering at Lady Franklin Gallery and all went home happy with their bits ... and pieces.

In the recent two weeks covid-19 outbreaks have arrived on our shores again. Not here in Tasmania, we are fine with no reported cases though we are prepared in the event we find ourselves heading toward lock down.  It all started with one unvaccinated limousine driver taking airline crew to their hotels in Sydney. One or more of the crew tested positive to covid and the spread was incredibly fast. Two weeks later we have the entire Sydney basin in lock down with numerous escaped little bugs throughout the country. It is a great shame and to the country's detriment that the Federal Government has been so slow in rolling out the vaccine here in Australia. So few in the population are fully vaccinated unlike many other coun tries around the world boasting high numbers. I am hoping my upcoming family & teaching trip to Canberra is not cancelled. We will lick it eventually.

Five weeks over May I taught a course for the Cinque Port Scribes (UK), Hierarchy of the Scripts, it was very fruitful. In June I taught a lovely little Versals workshop as a treat for all who signed up to the ABC Red Deer conference in Canada. It was first postponed then cancelled altogether this year. It was wonderful to see so many friends and people enjoying the creative get together.

As far as commissions go I have worked on a couple, a life membership certificate, a book jacket design, a book inscription but the lovely thing is I have had some time to prepare some pieces that I have really enjoyed doing for the National Capital Art Prize in Canberra along with my faculty piece for Legacies III.

The football season is well underway so David is enthralled with our new sporting channel Kayo whereas I enjoy snuggling down with a good book or movie. All is well even though tempus fugit ...




I'll write again another day  ...


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