The shell tree ...

Today was one of the most beautiful winter's day here in southern Tasmania. Just south of the Bay is the awesome Fossil Cove. David & I took advantage of the windless sunny morning to climb the depths of the rivulet crevice to the bottom thinking all the while what goes down must come up. Phew. It was a trek down, down, down but worth every sore muscle now we're home and relaxing.


The most beautiful surprise was the shell tree.  Wanting to do a little beach fossicking one is not allowed to take a single pebble, shell rock or flower away from the conservation area.  With the Cove coming into view as I walked the last leg of the track in, I wondered what the beautiful white flowers were growing down there at this time of year. "Shells" they were, yes shells. So David and I added our own shells to the trees. It was strangely a special treat. So we came out with nothing but sweet memories of the shell trees.

Enjoy these photos from our day!

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