Text, Print & Paint: Venice

Better late than never. These photos are my snaps.
I am hoping under good lighting to get much better images.


Prepping the gallery.


David & Deirdre Kelly (Scuola curator & artist) bumping in. 

Not a good pic but you'll get the idea:


Ready!  Tomorrow evening the opening is at 6pm with music by none other than David Nuttall Principal Oboist, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and my gorgeous partner. Wishing all our girls were here to join in the fun. To Amy Ellen & Laura I dedicate this show.


Fiona Dempster said…
Gemma - beautiful beyond words. Your heart is there for all to see; your skill; your devotion and your joy. Oh Gem, what a journey to this place - Fabulous. Congratulations. Brava! Enjoy every moment - this looks like the work you have been leading to all your life. xF
Gemma Black said…
Ah, Fi, thank you from the bottom of my heart. All that time ago both you and Barry supported me on my journey, Mille grazie ☺️
CJ Kennedy said…
Gemma, your work is just jaw-dropping stunning. Congratulations!
Gemma Black said…
Thank you CJ, you are so kind ... better go and get ready!

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