The journey begins ...

To say I am fortunate is an understatement. Time and time again I find myself in the most wonderful of situations that allow me to experience extraordinary things.  What I love most is I am always ... always learning something new. Today for example I saw my first driver less car.  Never!!!! I could barely believe it.  Some one reading this in fifty to one hundred years time may chuckle and say "cars had drivers?".  I am in Pittsburgh after all.

I guess you could say today is day two of this particular journey. Day one was spent on a series of aircraft to get me from Tasmania to Pittsburgh USA. The route I like to take when traveling to the US is Sydney - Dallas avoiding that horrible commuter nightmare, LA.  All the flights went well, reasonably on time and smooth transitions. I am getting to know Dallas/Fort Worth very well and would highly recommend it.  For me it is a suitable hub for flying in from Australia and connects me to pretty well anywhere in the States in reasonable time.

I kick of this teaching tour with a weekend workshop 17th & 18th for the Pittsburgh Calligraphy Guild. After that I head to Salt Lake City before heading to Texas for three workshops. I am privileged.

One of the things I have wanted to do on a trip but always thought about it too late, is taking photos of all the doorways I enter ... within reason. So I'll start with the door to my room at the In Residence Marriott Hotel in Oakland Pittsburgh here in the health and University district - Carnegie-Melon, of Pittsburgh. Quite ordinary really just like any hotel door, but is is always good to know the number just in case one has had too much to drink as my son-in-law Shane and I recently chatted about. Gosh we really should have done this in China recently where The Oboe Player (TOP for short) and I spent thirteen days in seven different hotels.

May they be of more interest from here on!

I collapsed into bed about 9,30pm last night and sank in a welcome sleep ... in a prone position as I was not in a prime position on any aircraft.  Today I am taking it easy, getting over my jet lag and doing okay so far, that is ... after waking at 3am and feeling I should be out and about already.

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On the plane, I watched three movies and read half a book! The best movie was "Hidden Numbers" excellent true story. I highly recommend it.


ronnie said…
have fun gemsie!

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