It was a quick and unusual trip ...


An interesting phone call came my way last Friday - was it only last Friday?  We were coming up to the long-weekend, 8 hours day, and we were to go to Bruny Island to stay over with friends. The call came while I was at the Lettering Shed around lunchtime. Would I come to Perth to complete some new work in the Declaration Against Modern Slavery Books?  These magnificent books were created by Joy & John Tonkin and I did all the original calligraphic design in both books.  The books travel the world with their instigator Andrew Twiggy Forrest of the Minderoo Foundation & and Global Freedom Network, collecting signatures from people of all walks of life, Sovereign, Religious, Civic leaders and more.

An Indonesian signing was coming up on Tuesday 14th March and they needed the pages to be created for signing - four of them two in English and two in Bahasa - and this was Friday 10th. Oh and while I am at it would I add eight new heading and eight new dates.  Yes, they had contacted several Perth calligraphers who had declined the job and in a way that is understandable.  The books are so stunning they scare you just to look at them. You have to write directly into the book leaving no room for error.  It is a sad state of affairs that minor human error is not tolerated in this day and age when every medieval manuscript and writings since time in memorium have mistakes in or on them.  Anyway it is a daunting task for a calligrapher and the pressure is huge. Also not everyone has the ability to drop everything and fly for a commission.  Having created the originals I knew the behaviour for the parchmentine paper ... dreadful to write on being waxy and slightly bumpy ... but to correct a mistake, yes I made some, it is one of the finest surfaces like vellum to repair small errors. 

So with all expenses paid and a beautiful apartment to work in at Cottesloe Beach, a huge table, lots of light and full of space, I settled in and enjoyed once again working on the Declaration Against Modern Slavery. I arrived home on Monday evening exhausted yet glad I had this opportunity. Thank you to all my friends and especially David who supported me as I cancelled several things that weekend.

It now feels like a dream ...

Wording in Indonesian Bahasa at 3mm, 3/4mm Brause & stick ink


Barry said…
Hi G - that is just amazing in all its facets. Well done. B
Fiona Dempster said…
What an incredible trip and how fabulous to be back in touch with the books; but oh my what an amazing effort and journey for you! I hope you are home safe and sound and settling, and letting things wash over you for a bit...beautiful work, congratulations on another triumph.

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