An observation: I hope that each and every protester in Washington and other cities around the USA today, actually voted in the election - bar the children of course. I hope this election outcome serves as a warning for all Americans ... no vote ... no voice.   I support the right to protest with passion but I would be embarrassed to protest if I didn't vote.


Anonymous said…
While I understand your message, there are too many who did not vote because they were not allowed or could not. Some didn't care because they are still not represented in our government. They and theirs have no voice. They are those who survive no matter who is in office.

Voter suppression laws are still in place in some areas. Voting places were closed, people were told to vote in the wrong place, intimidation tactics worked . . . I saw stories of young people helping patients in hospitals register to vote. Poor people, people who lost their right to vote because of unfair incarceration . . . I hear the regret in their voices when they answer if they voted, and if not, why not. There were any number of valid reasons.

I recall the answers women of color gave when asked why they are not active feminists. Some things never change here in America.

Thanks for prodding our collective conscience.

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