Update: commissions, teaching & relaxing

This little vellum work will be on exhibition in April & May 2016 in London at Cornelissen & Son at 105 Great Russell Street. Many thanks to Patricia Lovett for organising this exhibition.

Ah, I haven't had time to scratch myself or so the saying goes!  There have been some really lovely commissions that have crossed my desk recently. A very special one has arrived from The Folio Society, London, that I am thrilled to bits about.  It is the design of a book cover, spine & title along with a number of - 20 odd - illuminated letters throughout the book.  Once the publication is well under way and all briefs have been fulfilled and satisfied, I'll post a few images.

On the teaching scene my Tasmanian Wednesday workshops are going along nicely with interest in all things formal and informal calligraphy.  I love these Wednesday get together as my class participants a eager and just lovely people. These workshop are held here in my home studio and are always fun and firm friendships are made.

Totally out of the box, just recently I ran a class on introduction to mandala drawing for the Kingborough Council. It was a very enjoyable day for folk who wanted to experience the relaxation and joy of mandala drawing. Again, I shall bring you some images soon.

It is a busy time for me leading up to my time away this winter in the northern summer United States.  I have three workshops planned this year. The first in Washington DC where I will be catching up with Sheila Waters for some very serious lettering conversation. My workshop there will be for the Washington Calligraphers Guild, a five days on Versals.  Then I am off to Ghost Ranch in Albuquerque, New Mexico for five days finishing up with the 35th International Lettering Arts Conference A Show of Hands in Asheville, North Carolina. A four week period brimming with lettering and mixing with wonderful like-minded people.

Of course all these things take my time away from relaxing. I have been writing lesson plans, revisiting all my exemplars and basically make sure every i is dotted and every t is crossed to ensure a smooth series of workshops.

I have taken a few days at Easter just to relax, finish a few loose ends, read some books and get into a good place so nothing overwhelms me.  I have been making jams and relishes, stocking up for the winter.  In May I shall be having my cataracts removed and new lenses surgically replaced. Eye surgery frightens me. I am sure it frightens everyone who finds themselves with appointments rapidly approaching. I do hope all will be well, and all manner of things will be well  and I shall be able to see better and brighter thereafter, all jokes aside thank you.  

If you are at all interested in joining my calligraphy workshops & classes list wherever you are in the world, please let me know and I'll add your email address to the biannual information notification.

Watch this space!


ronnie said…
ooo I loves the folio books (haven't been able to add to my collection in a while though...) --- so I'll be looking on with interest xxx
Gemma Black said…
It is a very interesting process and hopefully we will have some joy Ronnie. I am just hoping it will all get done in time. x gb
kate adderley said…
Hi Gemma, what a busy bee you are, all your work commitments sound very exciting, and your classes are running well, they are very lucky to have such a great teacher who is so talented , good luck in May with your eyes, yes it must be frightening for you, l would be too, Just keep positive and you will get through it, best of luck .......Kate
Gemma Black said…
Hello Kate, yes working at it, keeps me busy and out of mischief! I find myself in a very fortunate situation. I do enjoy teaching and for the time being my classes are enjoying a very healthy attendance. What wonderful support.

I am delighted too by the number of very fine calligraphy and allied arts classes around the country, such as I have just been reading about in this latest excellent issue of Postscript and the recent Colophon. I enjoy the company of my fellow tutors and wonderful students I meet through my work. Thank you Kate for your kind words. More and more I am looking forward to having these eyes done and getting it out of the way. x gb

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