The Season is upon us ...

The time has come when we set the Christmas tree yet again. I am not big on the god factor of Christmas but I am big on enjoying the festive season and seeing the wonder in children's eyes & hearts during Christmastime. So the tree is set and here is a glimpse of the birdies atop and one of our baubles from the Montville (Qld) Clock Shop midway down.

Wishing you all

Compliments of the Season


kate adderley said…
love your tree Gemma, Merry Christmas.........cheers ..Kate
Gemma Black said…
Hello Kate,

Thanks so much for your lovely greeting and your super card, it was marvelous. Gosh what a year. I can see you have had great fun with your own students, how lucky they are to have you and your enthusiasm.

I have an Italian Hand workshop in October 29, 30 2016 for the CSV and a new workshop on the agenda for next year organised by a group called Grampian Brushes. Two actually a two-day on Experimental Tools and a four-day on Colour & Gold in Calligraphy (a sort of Heraldic course). They are September 10 & 11 then 12 - 15 respectively.

Take care and have a superb Christmastime Kate. x gb
kate adderley said…
Thanks for your support Gemma , and l'm glad you liked my card, l dont know if l will teach weekly next year, there is not enough money in it at the moment , l have just picked up work at a conference center, that will bring in a more regular income for me, which means l can do more workshops, l never really wanted to teach again, l taught folk art for 7 years, l just want to learn as much as l can and do my own art work, and l have only been doing calligraphy for 3 years , so l still have so much to learn, my weekly classes on art journals take away all my calligraphy time, if l do not practise enough my work starts to look srcappy and my heart tells me that to learn my letters are more important,
Is the Italian hand done with the pointed pen, that is the only one l have seen, similar to copperplate ?, and the other workshops sound amazing to, are they to be held in the Grampians or is that just the name of the group.l would be interested if l could get there,

cheers .....kate

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