Venice: day one

One of the places I am teaching for on my northern summer travels is La Scuola di Grafica in Venice. An excellent position in the Cannaregio sectoion of Venice. I am excited by this innovative school and thanks go to Kathy Frate for all her organising in bringing me here. I feel very fortunate. And of course, I have fallen in love with the city (more to come on that front).  I am staying in a private home with a balcony off my bedroom ... oh my god I am in heaven!  It is late but I thought I would post these before I head to the land of nod.

 One of the entrances to the scuola.

Passage way directly in front of the entrance above.

The canal entrance.

The canal, one of a zillion but this is the school's one.

My usual selfie!

Old rock in newer rocks.

Thrilled to bits to be here.

Scuola photos coming up as the week progresses.



Cathy Sayer said…
What a busy young lady you are!
I just love your gate. Aren't gates and doors just so tempting, it must be all the adventures that lay beyond that makes them so.
kate adderley said…
love watching this wonderful journey your on Gemma, the iron gates, old buildings, there's a real presence about all these streets and the history that has been , sorry that you have had to pay all that extra money for luggage , such a pity the small print is at the bottom, when it seems to be such an important part of the travel criteria, so it must be the week of disappointments, Our Postscript arrived in the mail today, which for some reason was running behind, l couldnt believe it when l saw you were doing your purely pencil workshop in Melbourne, a class that l would have loved to have done, l had no idea they had booked you, because last week l booked in to do a mixed media workshop on the 26th November and payed the deposit , l wished l had of known earlier , oh well wasn't meant to be, l will have to wait till next time, continue having a great trip
Gemma Black said…
Cathy, I think you are correct. It is the mystery of the unknown, I love them. x g
Gemma Black said…
Thank you Kate. I am sorry you didn't hear about the Melbourne workshop. I think it was in the last Postscript as well. Not to worry, as you say, next time. I have my luggage down to 23 kg now which is a shame because I am entitled to 31 kg on my long haul flights home so I shall be well underweight this time. It does not quite figure properly in my mind. At least I got to give some clothes and shoes to a charity shop. x g

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