Part One: Dallas Texas

The Renaissance Richardson Hotel, Dallas Texas
Home of the Legacies II 2014 conference

The Atrium Foyer

Thank you Angie Vangalis
Conference  Director

I was in Symphony 2, an appropriate room name don't you think?

The brief was to teach versals from and historic perspective
bringing them into a contemporary and freer setting.
We studied forms from manuscripts such as the Metz Gospels,
the Trinity Gospels, the Winchester Bible and so on moving forward through the ages
to 20th century interpretations of those forms by the likes of Edward Johnston,
Irene Wellington, David Jones and more.

Vivacious Versals!

My class participants worked hard on particularly difficult forms
and I was very pleased with their outcomes and achievements.
In class there was open communication, questions,
demonstrations and huge effort on behalf of everyone.
I think they all went away exhausted but happy.

The day before the conference began Barb, Nancy & I took a trip on the Dart to:

Downtown Plano.

With Barb girlfriend of 28 years.

Nancy with Barb and I on the trip to Downtown Plano.

Waiting for the opening extravaganza and a talk by Ewan Clayton.

Friends: Amity, Peter, Rachel, Randy & Georgia.

Selfie, ha!

We were treated to three stimulating and thought provoking lectures during the conference.
The first was Ewan Clayton's brilliant expose of handwriting in our lives and the question "is it to disappear?" 

This image from Carl Rohrs lecture Calligraphy, commercial lettering, type design and posters in Germany in the 1920s.

And finally but not least on the closing evening, Julian Waters Gudrun & Hermann Zapf.

To me these well researched, detailed and in some instances humourous talks
were like drenching rain to a parched desert. Thank you gentlemen!

My classroom, Symphony 2!

In-class demonstrations.

Rachel Yallop working on Trish Taylor's surprise booklet.

Some light reading and postcard writing before bed.

On our afternoon off it was a much wanted trip into downtown Dallas with Carl Rohrs
for a stop over at the Book Depository and the Grassy Knoll. Tick!

Then it was off to experience "barbecue" (smoked ribs & other stuff)
before we saw this lovely lady with pink toenails!

Back to the Renaissance for … book signing!

There was a time for book signing where  those of us included in Gaye Godfrey Nicholls
Mastering Calligraphy were invited to sign our pages. What a fun evening, thank you John Neal!

And there was the odd Margarita with friends Rachel, Ewan & Georgia in the bar!

A look around the show and share room on the final day.

Class contributions to the show and share.

Carol DuBosch

Class contributions to the show and share.

Class contributions to the show and share.

Class contributions to the show and share.

Class contributions to the show and share.

Lorraine Douglas

Well done team!
Class photo (a couple missing unfortunately)

A couple of tables at the show & share:

With Barbara Calzolari

With Barb & Amity

With Barb

The lovely & talented Rachel Yallop

With my friends Heather, Jules and Pat.

And … if our much missed friend Mary Ann David were still with us
this is what she would have said "Hello Ladies"!

With the beautiful Georgia.

Awesome! My hang-out-in Dallas buddy Carl!

Thank you Judy Mueller for taking home my Lilium et Rosa.

Friends Peter, Carol & Gail.

Aw shucks, it's my friend Randy!

Thank you for viewing to the end of Part One: Dallas Texas

Stay tuned for Part Two: Keeping Austin Weird!


Unknown said…
These are wonderful Gemma! Now I'm nostalgic. Still editing my photos....
Gemma Black said…
Thank you Oona. Are you able to put your pic up for us to see? What a wonderful week we had. I must say how absolutely lovely it was to meet you. Hope we can do this again. x g

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