Special retreat coming up

I have been working on a new branding for a Bed & Breakfast in the Southern Highland. It is amazing how many roughs you have to do to get to a "happiness" platform between client & artist!  I think we are just about there! But that is not what this post is about.

In a few days I head off to the Golden Door Elysia in the Hunter Valley of NSW. I have been invited to give a lecture about calligraphy and working in the decorative arts industry and running a calligraphy arts practice. I will also hold a two-hour workshop for Golden Door guests who wish to partake.

For the guests at my lecture they all get a specially designed bookmark for their trouble ... they are not finished yet but it's a surprise.

But I think I will keep this lovely for myself!

The decorative arts workshop participants will be making a single section booklet with their own cover design using  watercolour pencils similar to these.

And not to get too carried away but they will either then design their own initials in gold leaf or create a simple Celtic Knot ... or both!

All achievable as everything has been measured, cut and ready to work on!

For more information on the Golden Door Elysia in the Hunter Valley read on!


ronnie said…
they are going to be busy little campers!
Gemma Black said…
... and with no art experience I am sure they will pull out a little of their own creativity!
ersimarina said…
Wish I could go, an unexperienced calligrapher looking for miracles!

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