Out of today's hot pot

A delicate flowering weed I found in the garden has given a lovely delicate remainder.

I am happy to say I have found two of the absolute best papers to use for eco-dyeing. Both Hahnemuhle and Khadi

Three fuchsias.

 Detail ... just gorgeous!

This is the most delicate rose leaf I have done so far.

And, from my little khadi paper booklet these ...

I could not be happier.


Gemma Black said…
su-weeeeeet indeedie!
Gemma Black said…
Thank you Roann. I think for what I am after and not wanting to be influenced too much by others work, I am starting to get to where I want to go with these. x
ersimarina said…
Beautiful delicacy in them all. Your khadi paper prints are very elegant and calligraphic.
Gemma Black said…
Ersi Marina,

Thank you for your lovely comment. I love your work and I have just started following your blog. I wish I had followed you a long time ago.

Thank you again g

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