Clan MacLaren

The MacLaren Chieftain Coat-of-Arms

This Coat-of-Arms is hand painted in gouache and watercolours along with pen and ink.


Unknown said…
are you related to McLarens ? i am gordon mclaren from Perthshire , Scotland my McLaren line never left Perthshire in the 300 years traced back. if researching McLarens , can try and help. yours gordon
Gemma Black said…
Hello Gordon,

Yes, I am a MacLaren on my mother's side. I will email you my family lineage back to John Barclay McLaren who emigrated to Australia on the Othello from Liverpool on August 27, 1833.

We have records of his father Duncan (the weaver) McLaren and his father before him Peter McLearan who married Janet McKinlay in 1766. Peter's father who was possibly named Duncan (because his firstborn son was named Duncan)were from the Auchendennan area near Dumbarton as the family were well settled in that area ... very close as you would know, to Balquidder.

I will email you more detail information on our family history. I painted this work as a family record of the Clan MacLaren's Chieftain Coat-of-Arms.

Thank you for your message.

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