Study in capsicum ...

After experimenting with many tools for quick sketching with pen & ink I have settled on the Bic Biro finepoint. The tool is so responsive & sensitive it's almost like a pencil.  To qualify, I hold no shares in the Bic Biro Pen Company.

These quick capsicum studies are the basis for a painting.


ronnie said…
I would never have picked up the bic as a tool - thanks for the idea!
Gemma Black said…
Me neither Ronnie. I like the bic to write with - naturally because it is fine pointed but I started sketching with it and it behaved just as I wanted it to. I was able to get a good depth as well as a fine light feel in the cross-hatching so no one was more surprised than me! I only had one of these little yellow pens so I took off to my nearest Office works and bought a box ... which worked out to be 48 cents each. I call that excellent value!
noelB said…
Interesting tool - I'd need a "fatter" grip - but I think I should try it out. I like your studies, so guess what I'll remember when I make the next visit to Officeworks!
Gemma Black said…
Hello unknown!

Yes the biro is quite slimline. You could use one of those slip on spongy pen grips. I don't know what they are called. There was a time you could buy this Bic Biro pretty well anywhere, even in the supermarket.

Horses for courses really, let me know if you love or hate them.
Kiwi Don said…
I had a professional medical illustrator in my graphic design class back in my Auckland days who achieved the most stunning illustrations with a ballpoint pen.
Peter Cusack's drawings in Danny Gregory's "An Illustrated Life" are all done with the cheapest ballpoint pens he could find too. I've seen the ballpoint used to do an excellent copperplate letter form too, with varying pressure one can get some surprising results.
Gemma Black said…
Absolutely Don, I hear you. I find that the really talented artist can work with pretty much any tool, even the humble biro.

Thanks for your comment.

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