From the drawing board

This is the McGregor Summer School raffle prize won by Trish Poole.
Trish chose the letter "K"
 for her daughter Kym and this is the result.

Gouache, ink, 23ct gold leaf laid on Ormaline size, pointed metal nibs and a 5/0 brush


Beautiful "K" - wow, Gemma! I don't see many K's (or J's for Jon either, for that matter... not great initials from an historical calligraphic point of view [wry grin]). So this is a treat... and just totally gorgeous!
CJ Kennedy said…
That is so delicious!
Jo Murray said…
Absolutely gorgeous Gemma! Am astounded by the technique and precision of the work.
Gemma Black said…
Thank you for your positive comments. I am hoping to be a lot more interactive with my blog and show stuff on an almost daily basis as I work through my commissions ... it will make we work harder... I hope! :-)

I have just set up my celebrants blog you can see that at Please let me know if there are any typos or other oddities as I usally do these things flying by the seat of my knickers! LOL
Karen said…
Gorgeous! I found my way here from Quietfire Designs. And what's the first thing I see but a wonderful "K". I was meant to find your blog!
Gemma Black said…
Thank you Karen, how lovely, such kind words.

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