Gary Myers Gallery - Maleny Arts Retreat

I was downstairs beneath the Gallery when I heard some very quiet tiny little tapping noises, so I dried and put down my pen wandered up to see who or what had wandered into the Gallery, thinking it was Hugo the dog who is not allowed in. Two beautiful bush pigeons immediately took flight as I appeared.
It was a very long and difficult task getting the sweet (naughty pooping) little birdies out of the gallery and very sadly one flew so hard into the wall that it dropped to the floor with a grand thud, either stunned or dead. The other managed to exhaust itself (and me) after an hour or so of fluffing about I managed to throw a soft towel over it and took them both out to the bush to recover.
Pigeons loose in an art gallery is not really a good look on the artwork but luckily not a drop ... or a poop!
I has a similar incident with a swallow in the cottage only two weeks ago.


CJ Kennedy said…
LOL Sorry Gem, I'm laughing picturing you running all over the studio trying to catch the frightened birds. Sounds a bit like aerobic calligraphy. Glad no damage to you or the birdies.
Gemma Black said…
'twas sad when I heard the thump my heart sank, but I have to say the rotten little things left me tired and exhausted ... my own wings were flailing :-)

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