Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Illuminated Letter

Another successful day was enjoyed with thirteen participants in my illuminated letter class last Friday.
I was delighted to have been invited to teach for the Art Society of Tasmania yet again
and my thanks to the committee and the students for including me in their 2014 program.

I chose this letter "D" to build for demonstration purposes as the day progressed.
At all times I express strongly the need to work on a swatch
so you can be guaranteed the behaviour of all media you are working with.


ronnie said...

lovely --- and is it wrong to show admiration for the little swatches too? I think they are adorable!

kate adderley said...

hey there Gemma, what a beautiful looking D, love the colours and the swatch, also wanted to say how much l loved looking at your work at parliament house, your must be very proud, well done

Gemma Black said...

Hello Ronnie,

I love the swatches ... one day I'll frame my collection, they are v. interesting. When I am rich :-)

x g

Gemma Black said...

Hello Kate,

Fabulous. I am so glad you managed to get the the House on the Hill and see the documents there. A new one is going in on 20th of this month - apparently!

Thank you for the lovely comments.


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Visit my website too!
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