Friday, November 30, 2012

Dorothy's books ...

When Arthur, David's father, passed away earlier this year I offered to bind all the cards, letters and what-nots into a book for Dorothy, Arthur's wife.  Finally I have made the time to do this little task and here they are.

A text block is normally knocked-up to be even top, base and foredge ... and of course the spine but the issue with commercial cards is they are all different sizes, paper weights and materials so it was tricky. This Coptic binding works very well as all the cards open flat and are easy to read. I pasted the cards from flowers in as well plus letters and notes.  Enough for three books!

I created the paste-painted papers some time ago and chose a sheet from my collection to use for all three books, front and back.

They will be in the post tomorrow!

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alison said...

ohh! I love the paste papers, beautiful colours and markings.
What a lovely gift, you are very generous.

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Visit my website too!
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